Ducky One 2 Mini Reviews

About One 2 Mini RGB

Ducky is a company that needs no introduction among keyboard enthusiasts but the brand might not ring any bells outside of that, despite the fact that some very well-known gamers use their products. Widely lauded as super solid and no-nonsense (gaming) keyboards, Ducky has managed to captivate gamers and enthusiasts alike through many different iterations of their products.

It makes sense as well: having a nice and well-maintained mechanical keyboard will greatly increase your comfort (and performance, if you’re coming from a stuffy old membrane keyboard) and will last you years and years. For games where very precise movement is necessary (CS: GO, for example) a mech keyboard can really help perfect said movement too.

Ducky has been a household name ever since mechanical keyboards became popular, and today we let our reviewer take a look at their latest effort: the Ducky One 2 Mini RGB. Read on to find out what he thought of it.

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