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Ducky was established in 1998...

Ducky keyboard

  Based in Taiwan, Ducky founded its own brand in 2008 and became a manufacturing company that has strived to provide users with mechanical keyboards of the highest standard since day one. Fast forward to now, we are one of the top mechanical keyboard manufacturers in the world and have built a reputation for providing products that are innovative, performance oriented and solidly built. Our ultimate goal is to have our logo be synonymous with excellence and product satisfaction.
  Having already established business partnerships in over 30 countries, Ducky has made a name for ourselves globally. We are eager to continue expanding, giving consumers in every corner of the world a channel to purchase and experience Ducky products.
Moving forward, we will be aiming to reach even greater heights, tirelessly figuring out ways to come up with products that help users optimize their typing experience. Whether you're working or playing, give your fingers the comfort they deserve.

Brand Agent

Globally Renowned Manufacturer

Topre, EIZO, Varmilo

Topre Corporation
The most known company for their capacitive (electrostatic) switching technology from Japan.


EIZO was developed in 1968, from the early black and white TV brand to today's high-end professional display manufactures...


Varmilo manufactures products including innovative mouse and keyboards on its own. What they aim for is the high level users, who are keen to have customizable keyboards. In the Chinese market, all professional players know about this brand due to its unique taste. Thus Varmilo has also been named “The Artist of Keyboard”.
Besides keyboards, Varmilo is the first one who is able to customize keyboards to meet different users’ needs in China.
Varmilo also developed their own mechanical switches, and it released its capacitive mechanical switches in 2017.
Ducky is an agent of Varmilo in Taiwan.



History of Ducky

Insist on making professional mechanical keyboards and computer peripherals

  • 2023

    • Feb.08
      Ducky One 3 Mist Grey / Cosmic Blue 【2023 Edition】
    • Jan.13
      Ducky One 3 Gossamer Pink【CNY Edition】
  • 2022

    • Nov.03
      Ducky One 3 Aura Series
    • Nov.02
      Ducky x FaZe Clan One 3 Mini 【Blue/Green Edition】
    • Oct.21
      Ducky One 2 Pro Mini
    • Oct.12
      Ducky One 3 SF Frozen Llama
    • Oct.06
      Ducky Switch Kit
    • Aug.04
      Ducky x Dimanche One 2 Pro【Chinese Valentine Edition】
    • Jul.06
      Ducky x FaZe Clan One 3 Mini / SF【Red Edition】
    • Jul.01
      Ducky x MK One 3 Mini【Strawberry Frog】
    • May.10
      Ducky x FaZe Clan One 3 Mini【Limited Edition】
    • Apr.01
      Ducky One 3 Classis / Pure White【Quack Mechanics】
    • Feb.14
      Ducky x MK Frozen Feather
    • Jan.17
      Ducky One 3 Carbon Black【CNY Edition】

Artistic creation (Year Of The Keyboard)

The bridge between technology & art

The idea in recent years is to combine traditional culture with modern technology, so that the keyboard is no longer a cold technology product, but a temperature-filled art...