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Ducky Official Statement

Dear Customers and Partners:

Recently Ducky has been putting in efforts to take down the website DuckySet.Store

Duckyset.store displays many deceiving characteristics, and does not properly resemble Ducky Channels official website. We believe this website to be fraudulent.

Please purchase our product from our official distributors. Ducky lists all our Official Resellers on our website under "Where to Buy", this guarantees you a 100% authentic Ducky product.

We will continue to put in our best efforts to have this website removed.


Ducky Feather B&W review

The Ducky Feather Black & White is a refresh of the original Feather, adding new switch options plus a different colorway. Specs remain mostly the same, with users now able to choose between Kailh GM 8.0, the new Omron D2FC-F-K (60M) and Huano blue-shell/blue-point depending on preference. While not a make-or-break improvement by any means, it's great to see companies offering customization options like this for enthusiasts, and the Feather remains a good choice for anyone looking for a lightweight FK2.


Ducky Official Statement

Due to the global chip shortage, production of the following models will pause until further notice.

- One 2 RGB Fullsize / One 2 RGB Fullsize Pudding Edition
- One 2 RGB TKL / One 2 RGB TKL Pudding Edition / One 2 RGB Pure White TKL
- Shine 7

Ducky would like to sincerely apologize for the delays caused by the lack of supply, these models will resume production immediately once components are made available.

Thank you Ducky Squad for your patience and understanding!