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ProjectD Unviels the Ultimate Customize Mechanical keyboard – Outlaw 65!

ProjectD - Outlaw 65

ProjectD Unviels the Ultimate Customize Mechanical keyboard – Outlaw 65!

Taipei, Taiwan, August 24th, 2023 –

ProjectD, sub-branded under DuckyChannel International Co., Ltd., specializing in high-end customized mechanical keyboards is proud to announce the new CNC aluminum full-frame DIY keyboard, the Outlaw 65. This remarkable keyboard combines a metal exterior with a variety of premium materials and components, resulting in a keyboard that demands a certain level of mechanical keyboard knowledge during its assembly process. From unboxing to completion, users will need to possess a solid understanding of mechanical keyboards to construct their own personalized Outlaw 65. Beyond basic features like hot-swapping and detachable cables, the Outlaw 65 keyboard boasts internal components such as IXPE switch dampeners, Poron cushioning, and diverse plate materials. This allows users to tailor the keyboard's characteristics to their preferences. By integrating aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, and a Gasket mounting structure, users can achieve an ultimate customized keyboard experience with desired sound, tactile feel, and keystroke feedback.

Early Experience with the Limited First Batch of ProjectD Outlaw 65:

• Triple-Shot Keycaps: Three-color molded, resistant to oil and stains, with a fine textured matte surface suitable for both dynamic and quiet typing experience.
• South-Facing Switch Design: Compatible with the majority of keycaps available in the market, allowing for personal style customization.
• Custom Material Selection: Multiple options of different plate materials for personalized assembly enjoyment.
• QMK / VIA Support: Empowers users to fully customize their tactile experience and control through software and hardware.
• CHERRY MX2A: Featuring a brand-new geometric spring structure and ring lubrication technology, effectively reducing noise.

The Gold Standard: Cherry MX2A Switch!

Dive into a world where mechanical brilliance meets innovation. CHERRY, synonymous with unparalleled precision and trust, presents the MX2A - our latest testament to evolving technology and engineering excellence. Rooted in the legacy of MX switches and elevated by modern advancements, the MX2A offers a tactile experience that's both profound and peerless. Embark on a journey with us as we unveil the enhancements that set the MX2A apart and discover why it is the new hallmark of mechanical switch performance.

Learn more about Cherry MX2A: https://www.cherrymx.de/en/mx2a.html

Limited First Batch

For those who pre-order the limited first batch of ProjectD Outlaw 65 DIY mechanical keyboards, an exclusive set of Ducky triple-shot PBT keycaps, the new Cherry MX2A switches, and an aviation USB coiled cable will be included. Elevate your desktop with a touch of personality!

Curious to uncover more about the behind-the-scenes of the ProjectD Outlaw 65 custom mechanical keyboard? Be sure to check out Ducky's official website to explore further!

About DuckyChannel

DuckyChannel is a leading mechanical keyboard and peripherals manufacturer dedicated to developing high-end professional keyboards and mice of spectacular quality. With partners in over 50 countries, DuckyChannel strives to create products that are not just your average PC peripherals, but also pieces of art by fusing cultural traditions with state-of-the-art technology. It is our mission to meet users' and collectors’ needs.