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Ducky Launches New Peter Pan Keyboard ft. QUACK Mechanics!

One 2 Pro Neverland Edition

Taipei, Taiwan, March 31st, 2023 –

DuckyChannel International Co., Ltd. is proud to announce the release of its latest keyboard, the Peter Pan Neverland Edition. Following last year's successful Alice in Wonderland Edition, Ducky has once again partnered with Taiwan's top cultural and creative team, Dimanche, to create a keyboard inspired by the timeless adventure of Peter Pan on Neverland Island. Its upgraded Pro version of the classic One 2 appearance and exclusive QUACK Mechanics design allows users to fly higher and farther!

Varmilo Iris Blue V2 EC switch、Upgrade Your Typing Experience with Larger Tactile Actuation!

The Ducky Peter Pan Neverland Edition features a detachable USB Type-C cable, 3 level adjustment feet, and N-Key rollover design. It is powered by Varmilo's latest V2 Iris Blue EC switch with a triggering pressure of 45gf and a section pressure of 60gf, providing users with a crisp and responsive typing experience. The 19.5mm extended spring and factory lubrication ensure a pure switch sound with each keystroke, without the harsh sound of traditional clicky switches.

MDA profile Dye-Sublimation keycap
Peter Pan theme keychain

Ducky One 2 Pro “Neverland Edition” ft. QUACK Mechanics Design:

• R5 MDA Profile Keycap:Stain resistant keycaps with a frosted surface to embrace all challenges head-on.
• Optimized Construction:Designed with perfecting weight distribution and center of gravity in mind to enhance stability & precision.
• Authentic Acoustics:Reduces undesired sounds, immerse yourself in the raw acoustics of genuine switches.
• Tuned for Balance:Stabilizers fine-tuned for an exceptional typing experience where the user and keyboard become one.

Fullsize Design for Peter Pan Neverland Edition with White LED backlight!

The Ducky Peter Pan Neverland Edition is a full-size 100% keyboard with a dual-layer PCB design and a dual-color thin border design that captures the essence of Peter Pan and Captain Hook. The side-engraved phonetic input and white LED backlight create an immersive experience, with each keycap telling the story of the adventure on Neverland Island. The first batch of products comes with a Dimanche hand-drawn translucent keycap keychain with Varmilo Iris Blue V2 switch, a Dimanche hand-drawn notebook, and a co-branded larger mouse pad!

About DuckyChannel

DuckyChannel is a leading mechanical keyboard and peripherals manufacturer dedicated to developing high-end professional keyboards and mice of spectacular quality. With partners in over 50 countries, DuckyChannel strives to create products that are not just your average PC peripherals, but also into pieces of art by fusing cultural traditions with state-of-the-art technology. It is our mission to meet users' and collectors’ needs.

Ducky Official Website:https://www.duckychannel.com.tw/