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Ducky One 3 Series Grand Debut

Ducky One 3 SF Yellow Ducky

DuckyChannel is officially launching a new series to our rich lineage of mechanical keyboards. Introducing the Ducky One 3 series, the successor to our renowned One 2.

The new One 3 will launch with an exclusive addition, the Cherry RGB Clear switch. Additionally, our brand-new QUACK Mechanics design philosophy is applied to further elevate our already prominent characteristics.

Ducky is ecstatic for everyone to feel the incomparable typing experience from the moment you touch the keyboard!

4 Exclusive QUACK Mechanics Design Features:

• True PBT Double-Shot Keycaps:Stain resistant keycaps with a frosted surface to embrace all challenges head-on.
• Optimized Construction:Designed with perfecting weight distribution and center of gravity in mind to enhance stability & precision.
• Authentic Acoustics:Reduces undesired sounds, immerse yourself in the raw acoustics of genuine switches.
• Tuned for Balance:Stabilizers fine-tuned for an exceptional typing experience where the user and keyboard become one.

Damping foam

Exclusive QUACK Mechanics design philosophy.

Ducky uses only the finest materials, our keycaps are made from true PBT. The seamless legends are formed through a double-shot technique where two plastics are molded together, allowing legends to never fade away even after multiple years of use. Molded with a frosted surface, you can take control with confidence. These keycaps are shine and stain-resistant, made for fast movements and non-stop use, all while maintaining their original look.

QUACK Mechanics Design: Authentic Acoustics.

The joy of typing is heightened to another level with our advanced sound-suppression features. The materials provide a sound dampening effect, allowing the raw sound of switches to be the acoustic focal point and also softens your typing experience. Moreover, Pro (Hot-Swap) editions are fitted with an extra sound reduction pad that further negates any unwanted sounds and enhances impact absorption.

Ducky One 3 Matcha

Multiple Form Factors with Hot-Swap and/or RGB versions.

Ducky's One 3 mechanical keyboard features a detachable USB Type-C cable, N-Key rollover, Per-key RGB lighting, 4 form-factors ranging from 60%, 65%, 80% to 100%!

The One 3 will also be exclusively debuting the Cherry MX RGB Clear, a unique tactile switch with an actuation force of 65g. It is unique enough for us to encourage all typists to try out! Along with an assortment of reliable Cherry MX switches, you are sure to find a switch to suit your personal taste, offering users more choices than ever before.

Ducky One 3 Mini DayBreak
Ducky One 3 Fuji

About DuckyChannel

DuckyChannel is a leading mechanical keyboard and peripherals manufacturer dedicated to developing high-end professional keyboards and mice of spectacular quality. With partners in over 50 countries, DuckyChannel strives to create products that are not just your average PC peripherals, but also into pieces of art by fusing cultural traditions with state-of-the-art technology. It is our mission to meet users' and collectors’ needs.

Ducky Official Website:https://www.duckychannel.com.tw/