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Ducky One 3 Aura Edition Shining Debut!

Taipei, Taiwan, November 3rd, 2022 –

DuckyChannel International Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer dedicated to delivering professional mechanical keyboards, is launching new Aura editions of our acclaimed One 3 mechanical series to celebrate its 1 year anniversary. Featuring exciting new switch variations and stunning aesthetic changes to marvelously illuminate a set-up.

Ducky’s tried and true “Quack Mechanics” design is still featured in these new stunning versions of the One 3 series. Enjoy the splendid vibe of the Aurora at home through the rich color spectrum from our 16.7 million RGB LEDs!

Ducky One 3 AURA with Exclusive QUACK Mechanics Design:

• Translucent AC Keycaps:Stain resistant keycaps with a frosted surface to embrace all challenges head-on.
• Optimized Construction:Designed with perfecting weight distribution and center of gravity in mind to enhance stability & precision.
• Authentic Acoustics:Reduces undesired sounds, immerse yourself in the raw acoustics of genuine switches.
• Tuned for Balance:Stabilizers fine-tuned for an exceptional typing experience where the user and keyboard become one.

Choose from Kailh Jelly Box switch、Gateron Baby Kangaroo switch and multiple Cherry switches!

Ducky One 3 AURA Series uses a detachable USB Type-C cable, N-Key rollover and an assortment of switches to choose from. The fully transparent Kailh Jelly Box switch is one of the highlights. Unique switch structure to ensure dust-proof and a smooth linear switch feel. Gateron Baby Kangaroo switch on the other hand is the first time Ducky brings a tactile switch that delivers a larger tactile drop for a clear typing feel.

Kailh Jelly BOX:http://www.kailh.com/product/Ms/Kh/201.html
Gateron Baby Kangaroo:https://www.gateron.cn/product/287.html

Ducky continues to offer dependable Cherry RGB switches ranging from Blue、Brown、Speed Silver and Red switches etc. The Ducky One 3 Aura Series will be available in 60%、65%、80% and standard full-size 100% form factors to meet your need.

One 3 TKL Aura
Double Shot keycaps

Exclusive QUACK Mechanics design philosophy

One 3 has a refined weight distribution and lowered height to improve stability during the most rigorous of moments. Its front to back weight ratio is meticulously designed to keep the keyboard in one position, essential for advanced gaming and typing!

Tired of a particular switch? Do it yourself to swap with different switches for a different typing experience.

Ducky One 3 AURA Edition:https://www.duckychannel.com.tw/en/Keyboards/One3-Series

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Aura RGB

About DuckyChannel
DuckyChannel is a leading mechanical keyboard and peripherals manufacturer dedicated to developing high-end professional keyboards and mice of spectacular quality. With partners in over 50 countries, DuckyChannel strives to create products that are not just your average PC peripherals, but also pieces of art by fusing cultural traditions with state-of-the-art technology. It is our mission to meet users' and collectors’ needs.

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