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Ducky Official Statement

Dear Customers and Partners:
Ducky One 2 Mini is a compact keyboard that features unrivaled portability, powerful firmware, and engineered for the most memorable gaming experiences.
In recent weeks, we've discovered and confirmed that counterfeit One 2 Mini keyboards exist in the market.
Counterfeiting is the unauthorized manufacture and distribution of products, using Duckychannel’s trademarks, branding, logo, or other materials without Duckychannel’s consent, in order to deceive purchasers into believing they are buying Duckychannel products.
From the product appearance to the packaging and accessories, These counterfeit One 2 Minis share a close resemblance to our official products. After inspecting and testing these counterfeit goods, the quality is poor and materials are not on par with Ducky standards. Some counterfeits on the market feature fake trademarks of our Hong Kong distributor, Microworks Technology Ltd. We can confirm that Microworks Technology Ltd does not sell counterfeit Ducky products.
To counter these fakes, Duckychannel officially released an updated version of Ducky One 2 Mini featuring new firmware, 2 additional LEDs under the spacebar, and updated the DIP switches functions. We hope to provide users a better experience.
Duckychannel reserves the right to withhold technical
support or warranty repair for counterfeit products. Please refer to our official site for authorized distributors/partners.
In order to stop piracy and protect customers' rights, please purchase Duckychannel products through our official distributors or verified partners.
You can refer to the PDF to differentiate them!
Official Distributors: