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2020 Ducky Year Of The Rat Limited Edition

Design concept

The 2020 Year of the Rat Limited-edition Keyboard, the keyboard Matches Graffiti Art Ducky X Bounce.

Street Graffiti Artist - BOUNCE

BOUNCE|Graffiti Artist

Taiwanese Graffiti Artist Bounce, who has been making graffiti art for 16 years, is the first Taiwanese to bring this popular form of art to the international stage. From the beginning of his career as a painter and storyteller under bridges to an adventurer in the city and forest. The artist has now traveled throughout the world. Making history with his paint cans. Bounce, who integrates beauty with rebellion, always challenges viewers with a different level of experience.

Bounce Mouse

“Bounce Mouse” can be found throughout the keyboard. Where the artist has left his graffiti characters on the keycaps, which look like bricks on a wall. The green mist arising from the keycaps allows him to hide and wittily contrasts the color around the mist. Above the mist, there are some familiar traffic symbols. Aiding “Bounce Mouse” for his sense of direction when he travels/paints in the night. Viewing from the top or from the sides, you will be able to find marks of “Bounce Mouse” traveling on the keyboard. Filled with details but unable to predict his track, luring the gamers’ eyes into a hide-and-seek game each time they see this Year of the Rat limited-edition keyboard.

Year of The Rat spacebar
Hotswap feature
Graffiti paint

Today’s graffiti art is no longer a sneaky creating process but a way to deliver one’s opinions, attitude, and will. Ducky is honored to cooperate with Bounce to create such a unique art piece. The Year of the Rat limited-edition keyboard is based on the newest version of Ducky’s hot-swap keyboard and represents the attitude of refusing to be limited by challenges.

BOUNCE mouse shine through keycaps