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2019 Ducky Year Of The Pig Limited Edition

Design concept

The relentless culture of the Formosan people intricately chiseled into the aesthetic soul of this keyboard.

A metalwork master - Kulele Ruladen

Kulele Ruladen | The Metal Work Master

Kulele Ruladen’s passion is to bring the Formosan culture to light through arts and crafts. Over Master Kulele’s career, he has received various international awards, cementing his places as one of the leading artists in all of Taiwan. Whether it is to showcase the historical traditions of the community, or to bring up issues of interest of the Taiwanese indigenous people, Kulele conveys their rich and diverse history through contemporary, modern metalwork.

Inspiration from the rich history of the Paiwan people

This keyboard draws inspiration from the rich history of the Paiwan people, a significant indigenous group of Taiwan. Intricately designed by Master Kulele, a metal cut-out piece of a Cosmic God is found on the top side of the keyboard. The Paiwan people believe that wild boars were placed on this earth by the Cosmic god to teach them the meaning of bravery and vigor.

Year Of The Pig spacebar
PBT Dye-sub keycaps with Cherry MX switches inside
Bronze metal plate


For the wild boar on the spacebar, noticeable hawk feather on its top represents the aristocracy class of men(the sun) and women(lily). The meadow beneath consists of triangular snake totems, which symbolized the ancestor of Paiwan people. All the patterns implicate the spirit of Paiwan culture.

Unique Dye-sub keycaps inspired by Paiwan glass beads
Full aluminum casing with diversified RGB light effects