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2018 Ducky Year Of The Dog Limited Edition

Design concept

A keyboard that inherits ancient tattoo
Techniques combined with mythical elements
We made a keyboard filled with life stories

Founder of Hong Kong Ink Tattoo

Michael Chan | Hong Kong Ink Tattoo

Chan is a world-renown tattoo master with 23 years of experience. His keyboard design was inspired by the Xiao Tian Quan (嘯天犬), two Howling Celestial Dogs protecting Erlang Shen, a Chinese god with a third “truth-seeking” eye on his forehead. The mythical dogs are complemented with images of lotus flowers and ghosts in the ukiyo-e style -- a genre of Japanese art which flourished from the 17th through 19th centuries.

Images of brave troops, lotus flowers and ghost heads done in ukiyo-e style to compliment the mythical dog.

A keyboard as an artwork

The Ducky Year of the Dog Keyboard is limited to 2018 units, each laser engraved with a serial number. The design hints at the process of tattooing which involves a needle to inject ink into the second layer of skin, deep enough for the design to be permanent. With the same objective in mind, we used dye-sublimation on the keycaps using a gasification process into PBT material at a high temperature to make our design permanent. Since the two processes are fundamentally similar, it inspired us to find famous tattoo artist/teacher Michael Chan to design this limited release.

PBT Dye-Sub Dog spacebar
Unique serial number, only 2019 pieces in existence
Tattoo patterns