Ducky RTX Features

Simple installation
The bolts have been pre-mounted on the chair. Remove them first, and then place all accessories right. Lock the bolts back and it’s all completed.

Multiple Use Purpose
It can be used for different purposes such as gaming and office

High Level Features
Z Support Multifunction Tilt Mechanism, five star steel base, class-4 gaslift German TUV certification approved & 75mm PU caster wheels

Low-profile Luxury Impression
Racing-car-chair hot stamping logo and Carbon-fibre similar design with premium stitches

The Most comfortable Feeling
High Quality Lumbar Cushion, User-friendly Head Cushion & Height Adjustable and tilt-locking seat

Unrivaled Performance

Unmatched comfort and stability with a luxurious quilted finish

Premium Design

-Can be used for different purposes such
-Racing-car-chair hot stamping logo, Low-profile luxury impression
-High quality carbon-fibre similar design with premium stitches
-Environment-friendly PU material
-Unmatched comfort and stability with a luxurious quilted finish

Adjustable Back Angle

170 Degrees-
Large Adjustable Back Angle

Z Support Multifunction Tilt Mechanism

  • Hurricane uses Z support multifunction tilt mechanism that is only available on high level gaming chairs.
  • It passes SGS Impact Testing, making it more stable than any other chairs.
  • Users are able to tilt comfortably just with an adjustor at the bottom.

Class-4 Gaslift

  • Approved by German TUV certification, giving easy height adjustment of the seat for optimal ergonomic support for both posture and back stress prevention.
  •  Users can adjust height for optimal support based on different surroundings.

Large PU 75mm Caster Wheels

Unlike plastic materials, metal frame makes it rock-steady and difficult to be deformed

5 Star Steel Base passes the 136kg impact and 1136kg loaded weight testing, which are approved by BIFMA.

Large PU design allows it to move more smoothly.

3D Armrest

3Directional height, depth and adjustable for optimal support of the forearm
to relieve wrist pressure and muscle strain.
*Left-right Rotation Angle: 40 Degrees
*Back-forth Adjustable: 60mm
*Height Adjustable: 70mm