DK 9008S

The most glittering keyboard with high quality built-in LED backlit, DK9008S makes you feel more interacted as you were actually in the video game!
  • PCB two-sided routing, safety guaranteed
  • Separated wiring, easy to carry
  • Illuminated keyboard, charming and fascinating
  • Dual coted keycaps, subtle feelings of touch, delicate work
  • On/Off Dip Switch to define the functions of the keyboard
  • Automatically adjust the entering repeated speed
  • Supporting Interface: USB & PS/2
  • Supporting N-Key Rollover (PS/2),USB any 6 Keys
  • Five levels of Light Adjustment function
  • Three different LED lighting areas switching function
  • Whole keyboard LED backlit breathing mode
  • Specially processed dual coated keycaps allow the visibility of LED backlit
  • Supporting multi-media shortcut keys
  • Adopting Cherry MX series key switches
  • Four functional shortcut keys
  • Four buttons On/Off Dip Switch